Thursday, February 5, 2015

Third Lab (#8- Home)

Our Community Has:
      1) The Connector building
Lots of smaller rooms, people from both dorm buildings have areas to socialize
      2) Dorm lobbies (Sanford)
      Sanford halls all have small rooms off of the elevator with couches and chairs, providing on-hall socialization
3    3) The Pickle
The Pickle Jar is a great place to get food and spend time with friends
4    4)  The swing set
In the backyard of the dorms, the swing set is a nice way to relax and hang out with friends
5    5) Picnic tables and benches
Offer spots to study or just relax
      6) The fitness center
Offers workout classes such as yoga and Zumba, or just go with a group of workout buddies

Things we would add:
1    1) Lobbies in the dorms of Moore Hall
The capability of on-hall socialization is a great asset to the communities of Sanford residents, and it would be good if all residential students had the same socialization opportunities.
2    2) Community garden
Gardening is therapeutic, and can bring people closer together, while at the same time providing either produce which could be eaten or flowers to help add some cheer to the campus.

3    3) Adult-sized playground
It could be a great way to have fun and let loose during free time, and reverting to activities so similar to those from childhood would be great stress relief from the busy lives of arts school students

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