Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Lab (#3- Trust)

These aren’t necessarily as much examples of trust as they are examples of people being trustworthy, and how much our society requires that trustworthiness in order to function.

1) While out on a school shopping trip, we looked for examples of trust in the community.  One such example was when a woman forgot her purse behind as she was leaving, and a man made a special effort to return it to her.
2) We also conducted our own experiment of letting something small (but noticeable) fall from our pockets.  While it was unclear exactly what the object was to the onlookers, serveral people made conscous efforts to inform us that we had dropped something, despite not knowing its value (it was a cap from a soda bottle, which we threw away when we were done- no littering!).
3) There are other, subtler forms of trust that are present in the world without us even knowing it.  The fact that we go out in public at all proves that we have some trust in others that they won’t harm us.  This was evidenced by our trusting the man sitting at the table next to us to not pull out his (visibly carried) gun from its holster and shooting us.  Trust is an important aspect of life, whether we are aware of it or not.

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